rlHello. I’ve been a digital and print editor, writer and manager for many years. Currently, I’m senior editor of digital content at AARP. My past includes senior-level editing positions at NPR, USA Today and CNN. I’ve also been losing money as a weekend musician for almost as long as I’ve been working the “day gig.”

Here’s my resume and below are a few clips (note that I’ve been an editor/manager for decades, so I rarely write for publication). Also, please check out my personal blog.

If you want to reach me, please email me. You also can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


BioPharma Dive: 5 takeaways from Valeant’s messy earnings report. At the time of this writing, Valeant had become a poster child for what could go wrong in the high-stakes biopharma business. I put together this quickie analysis in just a couple of hours.

Marketing Dive: I am ‘NPR Chicken.’ Here’s how I got 1,200 Twitter followers in 2 days. A recollection of a very odd episode of my life, wrapped inside a how-to piece.

Healthcare Dive: Hell freezes over: ICD-10 becomes a reality: It took 20 years from the time WHO adopted a new healthcare coding system to the time the US finally implemented it. Here’s why.

Healthcare Dive: 5 healthcare donations even bigger than Mark Zuckerberg’s: A fairly self-explanatory piece I contributed to show my staff that not every feature took a long time to research and write. This took about an hour for me to complete from start to finish.

NPR.org: Don’t like clouds you can’t touch? Build your own storage solution: This All Tech Considered blog post looks at the relative ease of creating your own online-accessible storage instead of relying on a third-party cloud.

USATODAY.com: 2008 political convention coverage: I was responsible for real-time coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions. This included the nomination acceptance night stories from the Democrats and Republicans.

USATODAY.com: Election night 2008: I wrote the lead story for the website on Election Night, updating it in real time more than 40 times in nine hours.

USATODAY.com: 2006 election night mainbar. I wrote our “live” main story on Election Night 2006, updating it more than 40 times. Here’s the final version.

USATODAY.com Election 2004

CNN.com: Special Report: The Clinton Years. This 2001 piece got a great deal of circulation; The Boston Globe’s David Nyhan even used it as the basis for much of a column.

CNN.com: George W. Bush: The first 100 days. Another analysis piece that got big play.

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