The game fantastic

I stayed up hopelessly late last night watching the Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game. I actually didn’t watch a chunk of the middle of the game, when Boise State seemed in control and appeared poised to rain justice upon the Sooners, but I decided to check the score one more time before bed…and that was a mistake. The game was somehow a tie at that point, but the real drama was just beginning.

What followed was one of the greatest college football game endings of recent years, filled with so much drama and trickery that it bordered on the absurd. And at the end, when Boise State’s running back had scored the winning two-point conversion on yet another trick play, the significance of the game went to another level — the running back trotted over to his cheerleader girlfriend, dropped to one knee and proposed to her right then and there. Unbelieveable.


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