Twenty years ago, one of the first people I met in Washington introduced me to a folk singer named David Wilcox. He wrote this song in the late 1980s, called “It’s Almost Time.” With two feet of snow on the ground and probably at least another foot on the way, it might be a good time to remember the lyrics.

Just across the sea on this world so round
The sun’s shinin’ hot right now
And even though the winter still surrounds this town
I can still feel that sun somehow
But I know that my sun will shine
Just as sure as the world can spin
I can hold on fine, ’cause it’s almost time
For that sun to come ’round again.

Tomorrow, my dog gets kenneled and my wife and me move into hotel rooms. I fear for the structural integrity of my house and the safety of the many beautiful evergreens that initially attracted us to our home. But I can hold on fine.

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