1. I have to say I just don’t get the IPad. I get the IPhone (and hope to have one when they finally go Verizon). But the IPad? What is better about it than my laptop? I have a Kindle, and LOVE it. But have even heard reading on the IPad is bad due to back light. People argue, “but you can carry it around”. I can do that with my laptop. I get that you can watch tv more easily than my laptop. But that is what I have tvs for. I just don’t get it.

  2. I’ve had one in my hands and it is undeniably cool to play with. But a decently equipped one costs as much as a PC laptop, which is so much more powerful. A decent netbook can be had for about 75 percent less.

    This is a good/interesting concept, particularly the touch/swipe nav. But it doesn’t play music better than a much smaller music player, doesn’t do video any better than a PC (which has infinitely more storage), isn’t terribly light, isn’t much more portable than a laptop, has rather limited processor abilities, isn’t much fun to type on if you need to do e-mail, and doesn’t…well, really solve any problem. What this needs is more muscle/storage or it’s basically an iPad Touch without the small and handy form factor.

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