Beats working

I’ve always had this odd feeling about my work as a journalist, particularly since I went down the online road. Part of me keeps thinking that one day the game will be up and I’ll have to get a real job for a living, instead of working at something that I find so much fun.

I’ve thought about that over the last couple of days, when I’ve been blogging On Deadline while the regular blogger is on vacation. It’s hard work, and the pace is relentless, but it’s also a sneaky amount of fun. Friday, I just couldn’t resist and nudged some commenters to come up with painful puns about a toilet-shaped house in South Korea. They obliged.

For this, I get paid.

Oh, sure, there’s been some pain as well. Certainly the work has taken a toll on me personally; it’s hard to build relationships when you’re moving and/or always on the road, which pretty much describes my first 14 years in the business. And while I’ve witnessed some wonderful things, I’ve also witnessed some horrible events.

But for the most part, it’s a good life. I’m going to have to remind myself of that repeatedly in upcoming weeks, as a new round of reorganization probably triggers some pain at the office, but I’m confident the fun will return again soon.


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