The history of about 99.99999% of all blogs is this: Blog launches; a few weeks go by; blogger gets bored; blog gets abandoned.

I’ve done a lot better than that. I have kept Hokum running for more than a decade, but the reality is that these days, I feel like I’m in an uncreative loop when it comes to new posts. And in a Twitter and (shudder) Snapchat world, personal blogging seems as quaint and relevant as using a manual typewriter.

So — for now, anyway — I’m putting Hokum on mothballs. I reserve the right to fire it up again, when my personal time or motivation are in better places, but this is a good of a point as any to wave the checkered flag. And, hey, if you want something to read, there are 796 other posts here. You can start with this one, which isn’t my best, but it still might be my favorite.



P.S. What is -30-?

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