The search

I’ve been looking for a new job since I resigned as editor-in-chief of Industry Dive in January. It’s been a grind — more so than I expected.

A large part of this feeling comes because I’ve never had this experience. I’ve had no significant gap in employment in my entire decades-long journalism career, and regularly have been recruited for one effort or another over the years. I learned of jobs through colleagues for many years, and some of the nation’s best-known news sites reached out to me when they needed a new editor or manager.

But that obviously isn’t the case this time. My network has been terrific as always (some of them seem way angrier than I am about this situation), but it’s starting to be clear to me that, well, this time is different. I’ve actually been rather surprised by the non-response for some positions for which I feel incredibly qualified.

Still, I have options. One of the most likely is to take on one or two part-time gigs. With my wife still working a full-time job and able to provide benefits, this seems like the most likely alternative scenario. I also have far more financial flexibility than a lot of people who have walked this path.

Still, given my track record and experience, I’m surprised it’s come to this. I’m still hopeful things will come together. I don’t think I have much of an ego, but I feel my record speaks for itself (as will any number of journalists who have worked with me over the years). I’m also very self-driven and I know I have another act in me.

So hire me. I believe you’ll be glad you did.


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