World Series 2011

Walk down the sidewalk outside the third base side of Busch Stadium and you will see hundreds of engraved bricks under your feet. Here is one of them:

Busch Stadium sidewalk brick

The World Series starts Wednesday at the ballpark. My folks got to see the ’64, ’67, ’68, ’82, ’85 and ’87 Series. Mom died a few years after that Dad passed just before the ’04 fiasco, which I still can’t think about without becoming angry all over again. That was followed by the impossible ’06 World Series victory, and here we are again six years later.

I have to think the Texas Rangers are the favorite in this matchup. Then again, the Cards already have put down the mighty Phillies and the nearly-as-mighty Brewers. Four more victories to World Championship No. 11. Here we go.

2 thoughts on “World Series 2011

  1. Maybe the Cards will get a little boost from those special fans, wherever they may be watching from.

  2. I can relate, if you realize I am a red sox fan. My mom passed away in June of ’04, and never got to see her beloved team take the Series. I was heartbroken for her, and my Dad went and put a Red Sox flag on her grave.

    I am currently HUGELY routing for the Cards.

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