The Show wraps up

Another season is over on The Show, and the winner is a Fighting Mule, a graduate of my alma mater…and a guy whose degree served him so well that he was working as a bartender before he tried out on a whim.

I was pleased, but shocked. I thought The Imp had it easily wrapped up, with his treacly ballads and genuine prodigy-level talent. I was never a big fan of the kid, but I know a remarkable gift when I see one, and I’m hoping he busts out in a couple of years and does something incredible when he gets a little maturity on him.

In the end, the race wasn’t close, according to The Host…so the Fighting Mule won easily. I didn’t expect that outcome after watching the final night’s competition. I thought the kid ate the winner’s lunch, even though I thought the Mule had a much brighter immediate future, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest to be wrong about that prediction.

It was a pleasing ending to a sucky final show. The season-closer is always cheesy, but the Alpha Marketers really got their hooks into the thing this year and turned much of it into a big product placement opportunity, and the whole show bordered on piss-me-off unwatchable. The guest stars were a virtual cornocopia of has-beens, even though most of them are still possessed with great voices. The best guests were actual Show winners, including The Fembot, who was starvation-toned and spray-on tanned for the occasion (and still deserves genuine superstardom because of her fantastic pipes).

I was not nearly as obsessed this year with The Show as I have been the last few seasons. There was no real reason for that; I liked watching it and the people who made it to the Bonus Round had real talent. I might have quibbled about the order in which they got kicked to the curb but not to the point of open mutiny.

Perhaps I’ve seen a few too many hours of The Show. Well, now I get seven months off before the whole crew comes back.



  1. Yet again, I avoided watching the show all year, but as someone who somehow still listens to music on FM radio, and thus gets repeated, brief doses of Idol punditry every week from 93.9 to 107.3, I was pretty surprised to hear Archuleta lost. This AP piece has struck me as the best explanation so far.

  2. One day after my last comment: For shame!

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