Picking and choosing

I’m not a Twitter guy, and that’s no knock on Twitter. It’s just that people in my age peer group aren’t Twitter people either, meaning I’d largely be posting into the ether for no apparent reason.

I’m also not a Tumblr guy. I (obviously) already have a blog and Tumblr violates one of my basic tenets: When you go to its home page, it doesn’t say what it is or what it does. That sort of thing leaves me cold — I first saw this behavior with Delicious, back in the insufferable days when its actual url was del.icio.us, and I’ve hated this sort of ‘design’ ever since.

Pinterest is something I might find useful, if I allowed myself to get sucked in. I haven’t allowed myself to get sucked in.

I really don’t want to tell everyone where I am at any given time, so I don’t use Foursquare. Groupon failed my signal-to-noise-ratio test, so I cut off its emails.

My point is that (with the exception of Tumblr) I think all of these packages/services are perfectly fine — but I don’t use them. It’s generally not because I have anything against them. I’ve just made the choice to not incorporate these services into my life.

This does not make me an old fart. It makes me someone who has evaluated the technology that is available and uses the services that best fit his lifestyle. I’d argue that if everyone did this, there’d probably be a lot less stress in the world and real communication would not suffer.

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