Saying goodbye to XM Radio

I canceled my XM Radio account today and it felt like I died a little. With a Sirius radio in my new car, and the two satellite companies now merged, I couldn’t justify the extra money (and hardware) any longer. But Sirius’ programming is not nearly the equal of XM and I resent the fact that Sirius, which always trailed XM in customers and basically forced a near-bankruptcy merger by spending money it didn’t have, somehow wound up with the upper hand.

There is some Sirius programming I like. Mojo Nixon (as in: ‘If you don’t got Mojo Nixon, your store could use some fixin’ ‘) is a pleasure to hear. I dig the garage channel and Disorder. Sirius has real NPR channels, and the BBC, and a channel that broadcasts a variety of overseas networks.

But most of the music channels are lazily programmed (to my ears), with short playlists. And I am going to desperately miss major league baseball, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty’s shows, and the superior music and comedy programming on XM.


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