The online Lillestons

There was a time — and it wasn’t long ago — when I utterly dominated Google searches for ‘Lilleston.’ I’d guess that, oh, two years ago, 15 of the first 20 items listed pointed to something I did or wrote.

No more. There are all sorts of Lillestons who have snuck in to take over the Google rankings. I don’t know any of these people, although they almost have to be related to me in some way, given the rarity of my last name.


Heather LillestonThis is Heather Lilleston. She teaches yoga in New York. She also, for a reason I think I can comprehend, is cleaning my clock on the Google charts.

sometimes she likes to write sentences without capitalization. on her website, she says that “her classes integrate creative vinyasa sequences with meditation, chanting, good music and spiritual philosophy. she is known for her sweetness, passion and authenticity.”

She also has a blog, featuring a photo where she strikes a pose that I am not capable of striking (which, now that I think about it, is a description of pretty much any yoga pose). In short: She is a bit different than any Lilleston I have known or met.

Amanda lilleston

amanda j. lilleston (capitalization apparently is not popular in my clan) is an artist. “I am interested in understanding the vulnerability and strength of the human body. In much of my work, I investigated the inner workings of our anatomy,” she writes on her website. At left is a fairly typical example of the results of that investigation.

Bruce Lilleston sells real estate in Oregon. Right now, he has a 400-acre plot that is utterly freakin’ gorgeous for a cool $1.1 million. He’s also listing a $1.8 million log home. OTOH, he’s selling several nice-looking parcels of land at more reasonable prices, and he’s got a mini-storage business for sale for $212,000. You should contact him for your Oregon real estate needs.

I don’t know what happened to the former law firm of Johns Lilleston & Mitchell in Clinton, Mo., which was around for many years. I know almost nothing about my family background — there seems to have been some kind of nasty tree-forking about the time my grandfather came around, and nobody talks about anything — but I do know this branch has a bunch of lawyers in it. Still, the firm is now Johns, Mitchell and Duncan. It’s possible that the Lilleston in this equation just retired, but I like to think of more exotic outcomes. Perhaps he shot a man just to watch him die.

Shelia (note the spelling) Lilleston teaches community college in Phoenix. Her students give her high marks on, although she is not ranked for ‘hotness.’ It looks like she’s from the more reputable Clinton, Mo. branch of the family as well.

LinkedIn says that Matt Lilleston is a sales consultant at Gordon Chevrolet in Mount Vernon, Ind.; Dick Lilleston is a real estate development manager in the New York area; and Pamela Lilleston is a student at Georgetown.

And finally, the Hartford Courant reported back in ’92 that Georgia Terwilliker Lilleston, age 107, had died at a convalescent home in Manchester, Conn. “She had lived in Wichita, Kan., for more than 75 years until she moved to Manchester in 1987. Mrs. Lilleston was the widow of W.F. Lilleston and was born in Artesian, S.D., Oct. 14, 1884,” the obit states. It seems to me that anyone who can make it to 107 deserves more than a paragraph.

Update, 9/5:

Damn you, Heather Lilleston!

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  1. It would take ropes and pulleys to get me in that position and would result in either broken bones or dislocated joints or both. Damn is the right word. Women like that scare me.

  2. I was born Darla Lilleston in 1962
    My brother is Bruce Lilleston
    My dads name Is Joe Lilleston (Clarence Floyd)
    He was bornnan raised
    In Indiana

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