Blogging seems so old-fashioned now. Writing more than a graf or two seems like geezer work. Even Facebook is starting to feel old. It’s a Twitterized world now.

I’ve never really gotten into Twitter, and that’s not a tiresome knock on Twitter. It’s just that the super-short-message world has never moved me. I’m perfectly happy that it’s there; it’s just not something in which I feel I have much to contribute and I don’t care to surf through all that dirt to find a diamond. So I putter along with this blog, which by Twitter standards is exhaustingly long, and I wonder what wave I’ll surf next. Will I finally get into Reddit after so many years? Will I manage to give a rat’s ass about Pinterest? Will I finally pay more attention to Tumblr (whose home page finally says what it does)?

I don’t know. I remember being embarrassed a year or so ago when someone had to explain Scribd to me. It’s not so much that I’m set in my ways; it’s that the new ways lack appeal and seem designed to shut me out. But for my whole adult life, there’s always been a Next New Thing in the online world, being it learning how to write in BASIC or bulletin boards or CompuServe or Genie or AOL or the Internet or the Web or mobile stuff or Facebook or…who knows? I still feel ready to discover things. We’ll just have to see what those ‘things’ are.


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