I never met these two young men and am only a very casual acquaintance of their parents (their father is a former coworker). But when this happened a little more than five years ago, there was a blast radius of pain that moved out in concentric circles, from the unimaginable grief felt by those close to them to the shock waves felt by people like me who were layers away.

But from the periphery where I still stand, I have seen wonderful things in the subsequent years that those who are closer might not so easily notice. I have seen people rally again and again to honor the memory of two people they didn’t even know. Above all, I have seen the results of this simple idea: “Do good. Have fun.”

The foundation created in their honor has now raised more than a quarter-million dollars and donated to dozens of worthy causes. Perhaps nearly as importantly, it has spurred people to act on that simple creed, to do good and have fun in memory of these two remarkable men.

Saturday is the fifth anniversary of their incredibly moving memorial service. There had to have been more than a thousand people there, sharing the grief but also remembering the greatness of the pair’s short lives. And thus, Saturday will be a painful day for many, but it should also be a day to do good and have fun. If you can spare a little cash, a donation to their foundation is a fine way to go about that.


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