Five baseball developments

In no particular order:


1. I think the Nats are plenty tough now. All of those impressive last-at-bat victories and the job they’ve been doing so far on the West Cast have convinced me. I’m still not exactly sure what happened in Philly, though — although the Braves got no-hit by the Phillies on Monday, so I guess I should feel a little better about that.

2. The Nats also have a ton of games left against the emerging Marlins, setting up the classic “trap game” scenario many times over. We’ll see.

3. I think the Orioles are the best team in baseball, followed by the Angels. I like the Angels more in a playoff series, though.

4. Kansas City? Awesome. I remember the Good Old Days in KC, even though the Cards still were hosed by Don Denkinger in the ’85 Series to give the Royals their only championship. It’s great to see them re-emerge and I’m rooting for them.

5. As if on cue, St. Louis has moved into first place in the NL Central. Another Cardinals-Nationals first-round playoff matchup might be more than I can take.


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