It’s crazy world!

My favorite contestant on The Show was just awful — awful — tonight, and my Least Favorite Contestant was good (for the third week in a row, frankly, so I need to stop calling him ‘Nosferatu’ or ‘Ichabod Crane’ and just admit that he’s picked up his game), and I no longer have a clue about what’s going to happen come Execution Night. It’d be a shame to lose The Kid, though. She has big monster huge chops and is just gonna be the star of this bunch, even if she did have her first bad week ever.

The saving grace here is the two-week competition. The Kid was great last week and probably racked up a boatload o’ votes. They get dumped together with this week’s votes,  and thus I suspect she’s still safe. So: Maybe the Church Lady is gone, although she had a good night tonight, and Eraserhead can go out with her. Heck, I don’t know any more — everyone left has serious talent and now we’re really selling off the seed corn. This is when I start to love this show.


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