Happy birthday, Hokum

Hokum is about to celebrate its third birthday.  The first five months of Hokum posts are lost in the ether, a victim of rampant stupidity on my part (I thought I had backed up everything, but hadn’t, when I switched blogging platforms), but the first Hokum post was April 3, 2006. I’d written other personal blogs and web journals in the past, but I found that this method of blogging — keeping most of the posts short and not obsessing over the outcome like an editor — was the method that took.

Here are the five most popular Hokum posts (one of which was written just this month):

Randy’s smoked brisket recipe

Pastrami, the lazy way

Verizon FiOS vs. Cox Cable: My experiences

The Lone Wolf Harp Delay

Upgrading the home theater

…and here’s my favorite post of the last year:

From St. Paul: Bacon on a stick



  1. I enjoy and look forward to your posts. Thanks for taking the time to make the blog what it is. I hope to try your brisket formula soon.

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