A few (more) push pins

Here’s another Google map: Local bars (the ones I can remember, anyway) where I have played.

Putting together this map brought back some memories. I have played in are more bars than this (and there are close to 50 bars listed here), but I can’t remember the names of all of them. For example, there also were the Southern bar/Doe’s Eat Place combo in Georgetown where I often played until it closed a few years back; a very bizarre back-door lounge in some anonymous Arlington building (in the front was a Korean restaurant and weekend Korean disco;  the cool Koreans would sneak out of the disco and slum with us, and eventually the whole place got flattened and replaced with a Hollywood Video); and some godawful place in Arlington’s Courthouse area where I played with a pickup band and the manager hated us so much that he shut down the power to the stage. Enjoy.


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