Steeling for the season

I have here in my hand eight pairs of tickets for Washington Nationals games this season. I went in with a group of people on a season ticket plan and I just hope I make it out of the other end. This team is likely to be so bad that it’s going to make us long for the ‘success’ of the Senators.

My first game — a day-timer against the Phillies — is less than three weeks away. That will be followed by games against the O’s, the Dodgers, the Tigers, the Cubs, the Astros, the Cardinals, the Phillies (again) and the Mets. It’s the first time I’ve purchased even part of a season ticket plan, and it’s going to be hard to root for this team (particularly the pitchers), but a day at the park is so much fun that I’ll just hope they don’t get killed too often.


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