Adios, Curly

Curly drank the belladonna tea last night. He had a good voice but was too snarky by half. That eventually got tiresome, so we booted his butt to the curb. Sure, his goal to make David Hasselhoff cry was funny, but so was his scary Coldplay-esque arrangement of a Diana Ross song a couple of weeks ago, and so was his consistent inability to sing on the beat (harder than you think, by the way — even some really good pro singers struggle with it).

What does he do this week? He picks a song with an odd bass beat that exacerbates his most obvious weakness. Begone!

Whatshername (this year’s Hottie Cyborg) survies, as does Nosferatu. The Kid is untouchable right now, although the teeny-bopper vote traditionally is swept aside when about six or so contestants are left. The Rocker put on her best show ever and I’m suspecting she’s a top-four person now. Beatbox Boy made a song by The Cure even more depressing, if that’s possible, but the judges loved it anyway and I secretly suspect he’s headed for The Final Show. Don’t look now, but I think he also might win — he’s a lot fresher than Gladys Knight Jr. or Ms. Wigs ‘R’ Us, even though they both can sing rings around him.


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