The best ballparks

The Sporting News has ranked all of baseball’s parks from best to worst. Best is Fenway Park, which is a great place for a baseball pilgrim to go but frankly lacks the amenities of 25 other major league parks, IMHO (and God help you if your seat is behind a pole). Worst, to no surprise, is the horror that is Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, where the catwalks in the roof come into play.

Pittsburgh’s fabulous PNC park is No. 2; Wrigley Field, a shrine even more overrated than Fenway if you’re a casual fan and/or don’t enjoy two-story hikes to use trough urinals, ranks third; Camden Yards and the park in San Francisco are two well-deserving choices to fill out the Top 5.

Kaufman Stadium in KC is sixth. I’ve been there and it’s a great park…if you’re stuck in a 1978 time warp. Still, I’ve got no real complaints.

Nationals Park is 23rd. That tells you something about the quality of baseball stadiums these days, because it’s a really nice park. In fact, you can go down the list of MLB parks and you won’t run into a real dog until Oakland at 27th (out of 30). I would have ranked Houston’s Minute Maid Park, with its stupid outfield hill and model train set that runs around the top of the stadium, much further down, along with Atlanta and the somewhat sterile White Sox park…but this is why people have debates.


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  1. See, I’ve been to the Nats park a few times and always liked it.

    Then again, when you actually see the green of the field, any field, for the first time, your heart goes pitter-patter and you fall in love anew all over again.

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