A brush with obscure greatness

I’m in a band named Hypnotic Willie. We play a lot of Americana/rootsy stuff, and one of the first songs I learned and sang with them is “Castanets” by Alejandro Escovedo. (That song has a great back story, but that’s another tale for another time.) Anyway, one of the band members got a wild hair and tweeted a recent band live performance video of the song at Escovedo. He (or whoever controls his Twitter account…a lot of musician Twitter accounts are run by agents and PR types) promptly retweeted it. And that was a very odd feeling indeed.

Not so odd, and in fact pretty much expected, was this development: I mentioned this at work and people asked, “Who’s Alejandro Escovedo?”

UPDATE 1-14: New video! I hope to God somebody doesn’t tweet this at Lucinda, who I’m going to see a couple of times in the next week.


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