The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again was selling this new John Fogerty album for four bucks the other day in MP3 format, so I bought it. As soon as I heard it, I knew I would have been glad to pay full price. Fogerty continues to make interesting music more than a generation after Creedence broke up, making even Pat Boone and John Denver sound fresh (and reminding people that Denver, when he cut down on the schmaltz, was actually a pretty good roots musician). If guitar-dobro-mandolin sounds like a good idea to you, or at least a pleasant sort of change-up from what you usually hear, you’re going to like this album.

I’m old enough to remember Foberty’s last ‘Blue Ridge Rangers’ album, back in the day when he played all the instruments. This one’s better, in no small part because he brings in pros to play the instruments he only plays occasionally. Check it out.


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