Capitalizing on the freshly dead

There are 2,839 Anna Nicole Smith items for sale on Ebay as of this writing, including bobblehead dolls (buy ’em in cases of  48 if you want), the predictable raft of photos, a signed floorboard, memorial magnetic ribbons, “God Bless Anna Nicole Smith” window decals, videotapes, poker chips, T-shirts, magazines, rubber stamps, handbags, buttons, DVDs, die-cast toy cars, alleged signed personal checks to the phone company, drink coasters, custom choppers (Buy It Now price: $125,000), posters, wall clocks, refrigerator magnets, Web domain names, mousepads, “Finally Found Peace” pillowcases, trading cards, dog tags, laserdiscs, guitars, bracelets, calendars, sketches, wigs, tribute bracelets and on and on and on.

She was alive at this time yesterday. Now she’s a post-mortem industry.


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