Ground Control to Major Strange

You’ve probably heard about this story by now, and of course you can’t make stuff like this up, with the astronaut strangeness and the maybe-affairs and the freaked-out drive from Texas to Florida to administer a little pepper spray ‘justice’ or something. Sure, it seemed like a bad Lifetime movie, but what really surprised me was the late-innings scenario the prosecution played on the defendant.

Just as Ms. Astronaut was rolling out of jail on bond, the prosecution came back at her with a weak-looking attempted-first-degree-murder charge, in what for all the world looked like an attempt to trump up something to keep her in the slammer. The judge in the case saw right through that and gently hinted that the attempted murder charge was gonna be hard to make, and you could sense that the prosecutor in court knew better but was under orders from her elected boss to polish this turd,  and the judge granted the defendant bail yet again.

It’s just going to get weirder from here.


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