rlHello! I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years in a variety of newspaper and online posts. Currently, I’m editor-in-chief at Industry Dive, a digital business-to-business publishing company. My digital background includes stints at NPR, USA Today and CNN. Then there’s my Other Life: I’ve been a bar band musician for almost as long as I’ve been a journalist.

Here’s my resume and below are a few clips. Also, please check out my personal blog. If you want to reach me, you can email me here. You also can find me on Twitter @rlilleston.


Healthcare Dive: 5 healthcare donations even bigger than Mark Zuckerberg’s: A fairly self-explanatory piece I contributed to show my staff that not every feature took a long time to research and write. This took about an hour for me to complete from start to finish.

NPR.org: A social browser with extra caffeine: My NPR duties made it difficult for me to write very often, but I did contribute the occasional post to the All Tech Considered blog. Here’s a review of browser software.

NPR.org: Don’t like clouds you can’t touch? Build your own storage solution: Another All Tech Considered post, this one looking at the relative ease of creating your own online-accessible storage instead of relying on a third-party ‘cloud.’

NPR.org: For many this weekend, the grill offers a thrill: The site needed copy for Memorial Day weekend in 2009, so I put this story together.

USATODAY.com: 2008 political convention coverage: I was responsible for real-time coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions. This included the nomination acceptance night stories from the Democrats and Republicans.

USATODAY.com: Election night 2008: I wrote the lead story for the website on Election Night, updating it in real time more than 40 times in nine hours.

USATODAY.com: 33 dead in Virginia Tech shooting. I oversaw/edited/wrote this story for the website for a large portion of the day of the shooting.

USATODAY.com: 2006 election night mainbar. I wrote our “live” main story on Election Night 2006, updating it more than 40 times. Here’s the final version.

USATODAY.com Election 2004

CNN.com: Special Report: The Clinton years. This 2001 piece got a great deal of circulation; The Boston Globe’s David Nyhan even used it as the basis for much of a column.

CNN.com: George W. Bush: The first 100 days. Another analysis piece that got big play.

CNN.com: 2000 year in review: Politics.

CNN.com: King Biscuit blues: Performances and politics. A 1999 article about my favorite music festival.

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