History in six guitar picks


A freebie. It came with my Washburn Rover travel guitar. It’s utter crap but the guitar is fun.


Another freebie. It came with an Eminence Lil’ Texas speaker. I decided the speaker was too bright for my guitar amp and gave it to a buddy who uses it to this day. I kept the pick. It’s actually a decent pick but plastic picks are not my weapon of choice.


My wife and I found this somewhere, although I don’t remember where. John Pearse was an interesting guy. He had his own line of strings, too. I don’t play tiny picks like this.


This pick somehow just showed up in my pile o’ picks. On the back, it says it’s an ‘Alchemy Gothic’ pick. The skull is a 3-D effect — it changes as you move the pick. I don’t think I’ve ever pressed this against an actual guitar string.


Your basic Jim Dunlop .73mm nylon pick. It’s great for strumming and doesn’t slip out of your hand. It was my pick of choice for more than 20 years.


My current favorite — a Dava Control nylon pick. It’s thicker at one end than the other and is slightly, well, wavy. Hold it closer to the point and it’s a solo pick; hold it closer to the back and it’s a good strummer, with the flex that I like in a nylon pick. I found one at a gig one day, tried it out and have used this brand for several years now.

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