The return of the Gilmores

I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode of Gilmore Girls. Every one. Seriously. It became A Thing for a while with my wife and me a few years back, when ABC Family was showing every episode and we had late afternoons off. I loved the writing and the carefully drawn characters.

(Side note: OK, I didn’t love most of the male characters. They were invariably, to varying degrees, idiots. I pointed this out some years ago to a feminist friend and pop culture critic, who responded, “Now you know what that feels like.”)

Now they’re coming back on Netflix, more than eight years after they first went away, and I have some mixed feelings about that. By the time the series ended, I had grown tired of Rory’s spoiled childishness and Lorelei’s fakey, flighty ‘tests’ to decide whether men were good enough for her. I know self-destructiveness when I see it, and both of these characters had that aplenty. They had run out of interesting self-sabotage angles.

Still, it will be fun to see the supporting characters, and with the original creators back on board, there’s probably some enjoyment to be had. I just hope the enjoyment is more than just nostalgia.

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