The After Times (I hope)

There hasn’t been that Eureka Moment for me since I became fully vaccinated, and now the CDC has waived mask use in most situations for people who have had their shots. I’m trying to lean into it but the leaning doesn’t feel so great yet.

So far: Went to a ball game (not a great experience when you’re by yourself right now). Went to a restaurant (outside). Went to a dockside bar (outside). Went to Target for the first time in 15 months. Jammed with my old band. Wore a mask for most of these experiences except when I was shoving stuff in my face. Wouldn’t mind waiting a few more weeks to see what the data looks like before I drop my guard completely.

But this summer, I have trips to see family in two recalcitrant vaccination locales, go to Vegas with my Vegas crew and visit the Outer Banks. None of these are likely to involve much mask usage except when I’m on a plane, and I suspect even that won’t be mandatory once we get past July or so. I sure hope the CDC is right.


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